Calling Consult for Digital Database Development of SDGs Monitoring – OXFAM

In the second year of project implementation, there will be density scope
of work from SDGs Governance project as at this stage it will require more
monitoring on SDGs implementation both at national level and also at the
project target areas. Therefore it needs a dedicated data collection and
monitoring software in order to ensure all data from field particularly
ones from primary sources to be stored properly and also can be used by
main stakeholders to analyse the SDGs monitoring.
Aims to have comprehensive database to conduct SDGs monitoring, it needs
an expert which dealing in content-wise related to SDGs monitoring to be
integrated into the system. To execute this action, it requires a
consultant to be hired in order to assist and collaborate with Digital
Database Programmer in developing the digital platform for SDGs

1. Identify, define and extract data or other sources of information
(e.g. SDGs global indicators, SDGs national indicators, baseline data from
project implementing partners, SDGs monitoring tools, etc.) which can be
integrated into digital database platform as bench marking data in order
to conduct SDGs monitoring;
2. In collaboration with Digital Database Programmer, to develop
digital platform for data pooling and analytics for SDGs monitoring;
3. Provide assistance to the Digital Database Programmer in term of
content-wise of SDGs monitoring in web and database development;
4. In collaboration with Digital Database Programmer, to provide
assistance in developing training manual/protocol guidance of digital
platform for CSO Working Group, project implementing partners, and other
main stakeholders; and,
5. Other assignments which related to content-wise of the development
of digital platform for SDGs monitoring.

Skills & Qualifications
Having experience in content development for online media / website
Having experience in developing questionnaire for research in content
Having experience in database development
Having experience in developing manual for training related to digital
data management
Having knowledge about SDGs is an advantage
Having good knowledge in research for online media platform
Having good report writing & communication skill
Having good command in English

Proposal should be submitted with below complete supporting details;
1. Consultant profile; CV/resume(s)
2. Provide detail budget on the proposal
3. products examples of previous work(s)
Any proposal that do not include all the requirement above will not be

If you believe that you possess these attributes, then we would be
delighted to receive your application and portfolio electronically by
22nd, 2017 at the latest to with Consultant for
Digital Database Development of SDGs Monitoring as subject of your email.

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