Network Coordinator – AgriProFocus Indonesia

Aim of the job
AgriProFocus brings parties together to promote the sustainable and inclusive development of agriculture by supporting entrepreneurial farmers. Each country network is resourced by funds from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by its members and partners. The AgriProFocus Country Network’s function is based on members’ commitment and willingness to share and work together. In short the AgriProFocus Country Network’s mode of operation is ‘for and through its members’. The AgriProFocus Country Network coordination facilitates the members to perform.
The AgriProFocus Network Coordinator is to support an effective multi-stakeholder platform through building & maintaining relationships, development of the network and coordination of the implementation of the country plan in close cooperation and in complementary responsibility with the AgriProFocus Network Facilitator.

Functional context
AgriProFocus Country Networks exist in 11 African countries and in 2 Asian countries: Myanmar and Indonesia. Indonesia is the first Asian country where the AgriProFocus partnership developed an AgriProFocus Country Network. It launched its activities in October 2013. The unique selling points of AgriProFocus Indonesia are:
● A focus on promoting farmer entrepreneurship for increased food security
● Addressing issues such as youth in farming, gender in value chains, access to markets, access to support systems and financial services and investments
● With the aim to stimulate:
o Innovation in services,
o Improved deals between SME agri-business and organized producers
o An enabling policy environment
o Farmer regeneration
o Increase acknowledgement of women’s role in agriculture;

AgriProFocus Indonesia will support this through coordination and networking, linking, learning and leadership through providing a neutral place for debate and policy dialogue and stimulate change makers.
Significant activities have been developed around youth & farming, coffee, coconut sugar and gender in value chains. The network has seen significant growth over the past year. The network aims to develop a wider variety of activities, aims for significant growth of the network and more pro-active engagement of the members in joint learning and leadership activities.

Roles and responsibilities
1. Provide leadership for AgriProFocus Indonesia, and facilitate development of an AgriProFocus Indonesia strategy with its members and contribute to network development and growth.
2. Work closely with the AgriProFocus network facilitator from the Netherlands support office.
3. Establish strong working relationships with national government, businesses, bilateral and multilateral actors, NGOs and academics in the field of agribusiness and farmer entrepreneurship. Of special interest will be maintaining the relationship with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN).
4. Responsible for implementation, planning and monitoring, including financial administration of AgriProFocus Indonesia resources in coordination with Hivos as the Host Organization.
5. Facilitate the development of an effective knowledge sharing and cooperation culture among members with the overall aim of supporting the promotion of farmer entrepreneurship and inclusive and sustainable agri-business.
6. Will be secretary of the Indonesian Country Network Steering/Advisory Committee and will be responsible for coordination of those meetings, ensuring the successful recording of the meeting minutes and maintaining the records for all the deliberations.
7. Represent AgriProFocus Indonesia in AgriProFocus Global meetings and other (regional and national) relevant forums and meetings; These meetings might take place in the Netherlands or one of the other Asian or African countries in which AgriProFocus is active.
8. Facilitate cross country learning.
9. Prepare and finalize the content for country-level periodic narrative and financial reports to the AgriProFocus Program Director and/or relevant external actors and financiers.

Knowledge, experiences and competencies
Master degree or relevant experience in a field relevant to AgriProFocus mission.
At least 5 years of work experience is required.
A collegial management style with active listening skills
Deep personal commitment to social and economic development that recognizes female- and smallholder farmers as critical actors.
Thorough understanding of the principal issues facing rural and low-income communities in the region gained through experience in civil society, government, or private sector organizations.
Strong local network and excellent networking skills.
Ready to take initiative, lead, and has entrepreneurial spirit.
Fluent both in Bahasa Indonesia and English.
Excellent writing skill (in English and Bahasa Indonesia).
A strong communicator on- and off-line
Able to function well under stress (around the organization of events and meetings)
Be practical and hands-on
Be able to enthuse and connect people and different stakeholders. As well as create understanding between people and stakeholders.

What do we offer?
An inspiring and dynamic working environment, dedicated colleagues and the possibility to work for an ambitious new international initiative.
Agriprofocus Indonesia Network Coordinator graded in Grade: 10 (from 1-12 Hivos’s salary grade)

How to apply?
To apply for this position please submit your CV and a cover letter to no later than 19 February 2017.
This is an opened position at national level.
Please specify the position name you are applying for (“APF – Network Coordinator”) in the ‘subject’ line of your email. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

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