Calling Consultant for Organize Policy Dialog and Press Conference – OXFAM

Oxfam in Indonesia is implementing Right to Food Project with 4 national
partners. One of targeted outcome we look for is to improve policy in
private sector. Oxfam has responsible to develop public – private
partnership (PPP) safeguard in agriculture as a response to the current
trend of increasing private investment in agriculture in Indonesia. This
positive trend must be followed by strengthening farmer’s rights.
Government both in local and national level as representative of public
must take clear responsible or mandates on this situation.
There is no clear definition about the concept of PPP in agriculture in
any regulation. But Oxfam has identified PPP in practices and then asked
consultant to conduct research in two agriculture commodities: rice and
corn. Based on Oxfam and consultant research in Sragen, Central Java, and
Malang and Mojokerto, East Java, we found that there are many different
types of PPP in practice despite the parties is always same.
However, role of private sector in general is to give the agriculture
inputs to farmers, yet farmer is expected to increase the productivity.
The main interesting of the research finding is the government’s role as
public representative quite different in each location. Oxfam requested
consultant then to develop safeguard PPP in agriculture as guidance for
stakeholders to understand the generic role of public and private sector
and protection for farmers.

– To prepare the venue and accommodation for event and participants;
– To organize policy dialog involving multi-stakeholders;
– To invite participants from high level ministry, donor
organisations, representative of embassy, UN bodies, private sector, local
government and farmers in research and other targeted locations;
– To manage press conference;
– To print out the report publications and produce event kits;

Expected Output from Consultant
– Proceeding of event
– Recap of media coverage

Tentative Time and Place of Event
The event will be held in Jakarta, Week Two of December 2017.

Requirement for Consultant
– Understand and having knowledge for agriculture and private sector
issue at least for 5 years;
– Have experiences to conduct national high level event;
– Have good relationship to media and journalists to promote the
event and share the message;
– Have good access to high level ministry, local government, CSOs,
embassy and targeted participants.
– Have good communication with multi stakeholder in agriculture and
private sector;

If you believe that you possess these attributes then we would be
delighted to receive your application and portfolio electronically by Dec
4, 2017 at the
latest to with Organize Policy Dialog and Press
Conference as subject of your email.

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