Consultant – Conservation and Primate Habitat Specialist – Kubu-Ketapang

Programmatic strategic direction and operation
1. Identification of the constraints that impede the achievement of the strategy objectives, with a special emphasis on the following categories of constraints- (pertaining to Education/Communication and Public Awareness related to biodiversity and Primate Habitat conservation):
ü Identification of specific laws, policies and regulations pertaining to biodiversity and primate habitat conservation
ü Institutional and individual/community capacity needs;
ü Information constraints;
2. Identify tools and approaches to strengthen transboundary landscape conservation planning cross concession and compliance capacity
3. Conduct Regional diagnostic studies (involving identification of relevant policies, regulations, operation guidelines, and implementation manuals) on Conservation and Primate Habitat Protection
4. Collection of general information about forestry sector of Kubu-Ketapang Landscape, with the focus on management planning at the local (forestry unit) level.
5. Getting acquainted with the current forest management policy, spatial planning, Conservation Management Plan (CMP) and Land use at Kubu-Ketapang Landscape
6. Collection of information about forest and land use by local population, social mapping on primate habitat protection – conducting surveys for this purpose;
7. Analysis existing data and necessary intervention to coordinate Primate Habitat Conservation as one landscape management
8. Manage the implementation of all activities including (a) technical aspects of transboundary landscape management, development of green value chains, and updating landscape and ecosystems profiles; and (b) development of policy and regulatory frameworks to formalize and establishment of primate habitat corridors;
9. Developing cross concessions primate habitat conservation maps, and documents
10. Establishing a management team for Primate Habitat Conservation
11. Conduct Trainings to Partners staffs about Primate Habitat Conservation Management
12. Establishing community based conservation design
13. Socializing Community based conservation to local communities
14. Assist in the development of Establish a Forum Landscape in orangutan habitat protection to collate, organize and disseminate conservation management related information
15. Assist in the development of Establishment and operation of the patrol needs
16. Assist in development of multi-media (IEC Materials) campaign on Biodiversity and Primate Habitat Conservation
17. Perform other related duties as required.

Education and Skill:
• Advanced university degree in forestry, forest resources management or a related field.
• Seven years of relevant experience in forest and/or primate habitat conservation (orangutan and bekantan).
• Have the expertise and experience in strengthening of Community based biodiversity conservation and primate habitat protection.
• Knowledge and experience in analyzing, design, implementing and evaluating biodiversity and primate habitat conservation
• Having good knowledge regarding the current Conservation Practice (esp. orangutan and bekantan), Forestry policies; Natural Resources Management; Climate and REDD+ processes; clear commitment to governance reform; humble in character and patient in listening to stakeholders is a must; willing to develop a good teamwork with the Partnership staff ; having a good skill in report writing, and good skill on the use of ICT.

Minimum 10 years of relevant experience in program planning, implementation and monitoring; having good and wide relation with government agencies, good understanding in community based conservation and forest fires management, Climate Change and REDD+, and have experience and skill in facilitating the development of multi-stakeholders processes.

All Applicants are also expected to do the following:
Maintain communication and coordination with partners and executing agencies, government agencies, and other related parties.
Maintain strategic partnerships and networking with partners and executing agencies, government agencies and other related parties.

For further detail, please check Kemitraan’s website:

Please send your CV and application letter to Only shortlisted applicants will receive a response from our Human Resources Unit. Applications must be received by April 7, 2017.

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