Consultant to Conduct the IHP Final External Evaluation – ISEAN-Hivos-GF-R10-HIV/AIDS

*EoI Number EC-08: ISEAN-Hivos -GF-R10-HIV/AIDS*
*Issuance Date: September 15, 2017*
*For: Consultant to Conduct the IHP Final External Evaluation*
*ISEAN-Hivos-GF-R10-HIV/AIDS –“**Strengthening community systems to reduce
vulnerability to and impact of HIV infection on MSM and TG in Islands of
Southeast Asia”*

In 2016, the Insular Southeast Asian Network on MSM, TG, and HIV (ISEAN)
and the Humanist Institute for Co-operation with Developing Countries
(Hivos) has received confirmation from the Global Fund that it was granted
a cost-extension covering the period Oct, 2016 to Dec, 2017. This will
enable the ISEAN Hivos Program, entitled ‘Strengthening Community Systems
to Reduce Vulnerability to and Impact of HIV infection on MSM and TG in
Insular Southeast Asia’, to continue its work until the next round of
funding from the GF. The ISEAN-Hivos Program is a multi-country non-CCM
grant supported by the Global Fund. This grant has the main goal of
reducing (a) the vulnerability and risks of MSM and TG to HIV infection and
(b) the impact of HIV on their lives in Insular Southeast Asia. It intends
to address critical gaps in supporting and scaling up activities that
reduce HIV/AIDS among MSMs and TGs. Hivos, as the Principal Recipient for
the ISEAN Hivos Program is is working with CBO-NGO sub-recipients in four
countries implement its local activities. These are GWL-INA in Indonesia,
the PT Foundation in Malaysia, PNGOC in the Philippines and CODIVA in Timor

After six years of implementation, IHP plan to assess the project
performance and its impact, generate the good practices and lesson learned
from the program (covering mid of Phase 2 and Extension phase) as well as
develop specific recommendations for major stakeholders to promote
sustainability and long-term impact to beneficiaries.

1. To assess the relevance, impact and sustainability of outputs or
contributions of the ISEAN Hivos program to the prevention and control of
the epidemics in the context of Community Systems Strengthening (CSS)
initiatives for its period of implementation towards to the achievement of
medium-term and long-term outcomes;
2. To assess how well the project has been implemented including
promoting accountability for achievement of the project objectives through
assessment of results, effectiveness, processes and performance of the
partners involved in project activities;
3. To assess how well the project has been
synergizing with regional initiatives that are
happening in the ISEAN/Asia Pacific region;
4. To gather information on Stigma and Discrimination experience on MSM
and Transgender communities;
5. To generate lessons learned from the implementation of project’s
activities and the outcomes achieved that will be useful for similar
initiatives in the future.

*Key Qualifications:*
1. Established expertise in program design, implementation and
evaluation with 10 years’ experience preferably on MSM and TG HIV-AIDS and
CSS Programs;
2. Thorough understanding of the community system and familiarity with
the needs of civil society organizations related to HIV-AIDS and with MSM
and TGs in a South East Asian regional context.
3. Preferably with experience working with IHP and/or with Global Fund
4. Preferably with an advanced degree in medicine, public health, or
social sciences;
5. Strong experience in conducting program evaluations and/or reviews;
6. Fluency in written and spoken English and preferably, Bahasa

7. Willing to travel
Expected number of days of engagement is 15 days in November-December 2017.
Interested and qualified consultants are requested to send their letter of
expression of interest and CV before October 1, 2017 17:00 hrs. Jakarta
Western Indonesia Time to:

Only short listed applicants will be contacted.

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