Request For Proposal (RFP) For Developing As An Exit Strategy For GEF SGP Programm

I. Scope of the assignment:
The objectiveof the assignment is to assist SGP National Coordinator and National SteeringCommittees:

a. todevelop four years business plan for Terasmitra (duration: 3months)
b. toassist SGP secretariat for Business Plan implementation by developing tools toimplement, monitor and evaluate the projects (duration: September 2017-August 2020)
c. todevelop, implement, maintain, and monitor several platforms for Terasmitraprogramme (such as: microfinance, market place, and product development) (duration: September 2017-August 2020)
d. toconduct at least one event of stakeholder workshop to create networking betweenSGP grantee partners and other stakeholders (duration:September 2017-August 2020)
e. todevelop several Knowledge management products as Monitoring and Evaluationactivities (duration: September2017-August 2020)
f. todevelop and assist Terasmitra secretariat in Terasmitra activities (duration: September 2017-August 2020)

II. Deliverables
a. The Four-year business plan
b. Tools for implementing of Business Plan
c. Monitoring and evaluation Plan
d. Concept Paper for Developing the Terasmitra’s platform and tools forrunning the platform, and M&E Plan for each of platform
e. At least two books of Knowledge Management Product
f. Report on the process including stakeholderconsultations and workshops

III. Who may submit proposals: All of activities may beorganized by an appropriate, experienced consortium (at least two organisations) of national or subnationalNGOs or academic institutions as an on-the-ground capacity building project andfinanced by a grant. Theproposal will clearly present the experience of the applicant and its partner’sorganizations in the issues to be addressed.

IV. Competencies:
• Demonstrated capacity for strategic thinking,and expertise in seascape management.
• Proven experiences in working withcommunity-led initiatives.
• Proven capacity to produce high quality qualitativeresearch and ability to absorb, analyze and synthesize large amounts of complexinformation within tight deadlines.
• Strong presentation and facilitation skills.
• Exceptional writing skills of policy andcommunication materials for a variety of audiences, including the civil societyand policymakers.
• Excellent command of English with exceptional writing, presentation,communication and facilitation skills.

V. Budget: The maximum amount pergrant award for such baseline assessment project will be limited to$150.000, with applicants required to provide a detailed budgetary estimate.
VI. Period of services (if applicable): 25 September 2017- 31 Agustus2020.

For proposal submission and more information,contact:
Catharina Dwihastarini, National Coordinator, GEF SmallGrants Programme,
Completed proposalsshould be received by the SGP National Coordinator no later than September 15,2017

Completed proposalsshould be received by the SGP National Coordinator no later than September 15,2017, with subject: RFP for Exit Strategy

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