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Job information
Production Assistant from the Company HACKTIV8 , this latest Production Assistant job vacancy is located in the city Jakarta Selatan located in the province DKI-Jakarta . This latest job opening is open to job seekers who have the latest education / graduate . Job Vacancies in this Design Graphic field have been opened and published up to the specified time.

Job Responsibility Production Assistant
HACKTIV8 is a “web development bootcamp” that transforms beginners into full-stack web developers in 16 weeks. We help beginners with little or no technical background to reach a level of proficiency that allows them to get paid and continue learning on the job as junior web developers. We believe anyone can learn to code as long as they fully immerse themselves and follow our three agreements of integrity, kindness and whole self.
We’re looking for a production assistant to focus on our efforts to create a pre-recorded video platform to empower our current programs through digital.

Job Responsibility
As a potential candidate, you will work closely with the Creative Production Team. This team designs, creates and executes new projects, innovative products and in-demand services.
In this position, you will not only take part in the fun production phase but you will have a positive contribution and involvement during the pre-production phase.
The role of Production Assistant is to assist our Videographers, Editors and Graphic Designers to run a smooth creative production.
Furthermore, our Production Assistant will also have to work with the setting up for production process – this include layouting, studio setup, documentation, etc.
Finally, in this role, you will also have the responsibility to report, analyze and repair any interruptions that holds back production, such as completing documentations.

Job Requirement Production Assistant:
As part of a medium-sized team, we need you to be as confident working individually, as you are working in a team.
Our ideal candidate would have great organizational skills such as:
You are thorough in your work and you pay great attention to detail
You have experience in working with video equipments such as camera and lights
You are a people’s person! Meeting new people is exciting for you
You can take initiative but you can follow through on given directions
You are not foreign to working with texts both in English and in Bahasa Indonesia
Furthermore, our ideal candidate has a good work ethic:
You are eager to learn and can adapt quickly. Don’t be afraid to ask or to get guidance prior to mistakes!
You need to be able to think outside the box and come up with effective solutions. Be proactive!
You value consistency, coherent work and high-quality products/ services
You know how to manage your time and can work under time pressure
Graduated with a diploma or a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Studies/ Design/Communications – but if you think you are a good candidate with another educational background, go ahead and apply!

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