Consultant To Develop Curriculum – Disaster Risk Assessment – Asian Disaster Preparedness Center

The Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) is supporting the Indonesian National Disaster Management Authority, BNPB, in enhancing the capacity of its training center, the INA-DRTG (Indonesian Disaster Relief Training Ground) or Pusdiklat PB. Through a USAID-funded project, “Strengthening the Technical and Organizational Capacity of BNPB Training Center in Indonesia”, ADPC supports INA-DRTG by providing institutional capacity building as well as support in the development of training curriculum, modules, materials and courses. It is expected that through this assistance the training center will be able to realize its vision of becoming an international center of excellence in disaster management training.
As part of the efforts to expand Disaster Risk Management courses offered by INA-DRTG and to support BNPB’s commitment to help districts and cities throughout all over Indonesia to implement risk-sensitive development, INA-DRTG wants to develop curriculum for Disaster Risk Assessment training. The training course will be used to train local government officials to understand the technicalities of disaster risk assessment and promote the mainstreaming of risk assessment into local development planning. Local government officials from the district and city level DM Agency (BPBD), Planning Board (Bappeda), Public Works (PU), Environment Offices (BLHD) and some other local offices are responsible to promote resilient development to protect economic growth, particularly in 136 growth center districts/cities that are situated in hazard-prone areas. They need to be able to understand the risks their districts/cities are facing and the different approaches to identify, assess, and use risk information in spatial planning, development planning and effort to build resilience to disaster.

For several years BNPB has developed a methodology to measure the risk index of districts and cities in Indonesia through its IRBI (Indeks Risiko Bencana Indonesia or Indonesian Disaster Risk Index). One of the strategy to reduce risk index is by way of increasing the capacity of local governments in understanding basic concepts in disaster risks assessment, so that they could commission the conduct of district/city level risk assessment and utilize the results as the basis in local spatial and development planning processes. The integration of risk information into development programming may help in preventing or limiting development in highly hazard-prone areas and reducing the adverse impacts of development in increasing risks. To build the capacity of local governments in disaster risk assessment, ADPC seeks an individual consultant or a consultant firm to develop a complete range of training curriculum, consisting of modules, facilitator’s handbook, workbook for participants, presentation materials and the other relevant materials. It is expected that the consultant (or consultant firm) will also try out the curriculum/modules at the provincial and district/city levels and train facilitators for the Disaster Risk Assessment training course.

Under the supervision of the Project Team, and in close collaboration with INA-DRTG’s management and staff, the Consultant will undertake the following:
• Reviewing international best practices for disaster risk assessment training;
• Reviewing Indonesian policies and laws relevant to disaster risk assessment;
• Reviewing national and sub-national concepts and practices of disaster risk assessment in Indonesia;
• Reviewing existing training materials from INA-DRTG and its partners that are relevant to the objectives of disaster risk assessment;
• Developing a framework for guiding the curriculum design and implementation through Indonesian DM accreditation process;
• Developing an integrated competency-based disaster risk assessment curriculum, participatory training aids, and assessment tools in line with the prevailing regulations and requirements;
• Trying-out the curriculum and related materials with a view of finalizing and aligning them with the actual capacity development needs of the local governments;
• Organizing training of trainer courses for disaster risk assessment facilitators.
• To develop tailor-made curriculum, modules and training materials for disaster risk assessment course that will be used to train local government officials;
• To conduct TOT courses to selected master trainers for the effective use of the training materials;
• To coach the master trainers in 2 pilot training courses and give feedback to them so that they could conduct training courses afterwards.

The consultant shall commence work by August 14, 2017, complete the curriculum, modules and related materials by November 1, 2017 and implement all the remaining activities (try-out, training of trainers, etc.) until mid-December 2017.

1. Curriculum/Syllabus and modules for training of disaster risk assessment
2. Relevant presentation materials
3. Facilitator’s Guideline
4. Workbook for participants (including learning resources)
5. One Training of Trainers
6. Two training courses at district/city level to coach the master trainers
• Advanced educational background (master or doctoral degrees) in one of the areas of: Geo-sciences, Disaster Risk Management, Risk Assessment and Analysis, or other related fields
• Thorough understanding of BNPB Regulation on disaster risk assessment and issues surrounding disaster risk assessment;
• Complete understanding of district/city government policies, structures and services;
• Some understanding of Indonesian DM accreditation requirements and processes;
• Proven track record in developing training curricula and related manuals;
• At least five years of experience in development, assessment and evaluation of curriculum, teaching and learning resources;

• Proven experience in developing competency-based curriculum and its related materials.
• Ability to work independently to strict timelines;
• Excellent planning and facilitation skills;
• Ability to research, analyze and present complex information;
• Strong interpersonal, teamwork and communication skills;
• Excellent written and spoken English skills and sound report writing skills.

The consultant will work under the supervision of ADPC Indonesia Project Team and ADPC Head Office Team.

The proposal should elaborate the following information:
1. Brief portfolio and information about team members if apply as a consultant firm;
2. Detailed sequential steps to be taken to implement the work;
3. Specific Budget for the development of the curriculum/syllabus, modules, presentation materials, Facilitator’s Guideline and Workbook for participants (learning resources);
4. Specific Budget for the conduct of one Training of Trainers course;
5. Specific budget for the conduct of two training courses at district/city level to coach the master trainers;
6. All the budget should include all applicable taxes under the Indonesian government tax law.

Interested applicant(s) should forward detailed CV; an example of his/her/their work; and a 1-2-page proposal explaining how he/she/they will approach the above consultancy work. Written proposal must be received by email, by August 10, 2017, addressed to Any queries or clarifications related to this request for proposal should be addressed to Mr. Sandy Permana,

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