Customer Service – PT Eduprima Akslera Cendekia

Job Description
Business hours Sunday – Friday 13.30 – 20.30 (Saturday holiday)
Applications used: WA, Line, Email, Live Chat, and Phone
Answer every incoming phone call and message correctly and politely
Receive every guest / prospective customer in the office
Follow up every order and order
Answer every question and complaint (Answers are provided)
Resolve every problem (Solution provided)
Work together and communicate virtually with other staff in other cities
(For jobs to be trained first, what matters is meeting our general criteria and specific criteria)

Job Requirements
Ready to work on Jl Prof DR. Soepomo, Yogyakarta city
Veiled Women
Not working & studying / planning to study
Happy with the world of education
Commitment to specified working hours (13.30 – 20.30)

Hardworking and not moody (Jobs as a Customer Service that serves consumers every day via telephone and chat requires commitment, hard work, and high motivation)
Research, diligence, and work in an organized manner (It takes precision to process every customer’s needs, solve problems, and follow up on all tasks so they don’t accumulate)
Honest and responsible (Responsible for work, ready to complete each task, and not delay / leave work so it becomes a burden)
Appreciating Work (Respect for work by not complaining, lazing around, easily giving up, or taking responsibility)
Ready to develop and develop (ready to develop through continuous training and direction)
Prioritizing Work (Prioritizing work from personal matters when working)
Long-Term Commitment (Having hope and commitment to work long-term with us)
Good communication skills, either directly, or via Chat (WA, Line, etc.), or via telephone
Nice to communicate with many people
Patient and not emotional

Send Curriculum Vitae to Email
Confirm that you have sent your curriculum vitae to No. Tel (Whatsapp)
CV Delivery Limit June 16, 2019, the faster the better.

Send Application
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Address :
Jl. Prof. Dr. Soepomo SH, Yogyakarta City

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