Development Team Leader – PT. Dias Naga Alpha

Syarat Pekerjaan
Development Team Leader
Oversee the project management cycle in the software development life cycle for implementing strategic, complex, large-scale IT business strategies.
Needs to have a Mentoring Personality (willing to teach)
Responsible and initiative in implementing established standards, policies, monitoring, and control to ensure the success of management and reporting for project success.
Oversee and lead the program and project staff to achieve the goals and objectives of the project carried out to the executive leadership team
Able to interpret Application Design to coding requirements for the task assignments
Make written or verbal reports about the status of the project, risks and problems.
Show experience of being able to work with / manage a team
Android, IOS Application development experience

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Jl. Monjali No. 57 i, Mlati, Sinduadi, Sleman, DI Yogyakarta 55284

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