GIS Specialist – Abt Associates

Role and Responsibilities
a. Provide expert support to the Kecamatan Technical Working Teams and the Village Participation Teams in regards to GIS issues which may arise during the VBS/RM process;
b. Participate in the district and subdistrict level planning meetings and serve as a technical GIS resource in meetings as needed;
c. Prepare data and materials related to the fieldwork for use in technical reports and presentations;
d. Coordinate directly with the Chief of Party, GIS Coordinators, Field Coordinators, and other personnel in the planning, coordinating and implementation of field work, data processing, and preparation of reports and presentations;
e. Provide technical support to the Cartographer/GIS Specialist on the Kecamatan Technical Working Teams in the following types of activities.
• Acquiring spatial information (topographic maps, satellite imagery, aerial photos) from sources;
• Checking spatial accuracy of the data, make accuracy improvements if necessary;
• Implementing orthorectification of any high resolution airborne imagery (satellite and UAS) to be used, and ensure the spatial accuracy is equal or superior to the spectral resolution of the imagery;
• Developing GIS database by integrating available spatial digital data from various sources;
• Preparing map layout and print A1 size base map at the scale of minimum 1:25,000 of the area where VBS/RM will be conducted. This hard copy map will be used to facilitate discussion in the field.
• Digitizing the village boundary resulting from the cartometric mapping discussion.
• Developing final database on village boundary, maps and land use.
• Preparing data and materials on the fieldwork for use in for technical reports and presentations.

Minimum Qualifications
a. Academic degree in natural resource management, forestry, geography, or geodesy;
b. Three years of experience using GIS for natural resource analysis and mapping;
c. Demonstrated skill in coordination, communication, and interaction with local government and community representatives;
d. Demonstrated knowledge of and experience in participatory methodologies;
e. Understanding of image orthorectification process and the ability to implement orthorectification processes on satellite and airborne imagery;
f. Skills in interpreting satellite imagery and/or aerial photos for map production.
g. Ability to travel to remote locations in Indonesia;
h. Fluency in Bahasa Indonesia and working knowledge of English.
i. Six month posting commitment in NTB; Lombok Island. Extensive travel within region is required.

Interested candidates may send a CV and cover letter to, no later than May 5,2017, with subject GIS Specialist_your name
Only qualified candidates will be contacted.

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