Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist PMT GF HSS

Project Manajement Team (PMT) The Global Fund Health System Strengthening Ministry of Health is seeking Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist who is honest, of high integrity, and commitment to contribute to the project of The Global Fund grant to the Ministry of Health.
Scope of Work

1) Responsible to the Team Leader and PM on the planning, monitoring and evaluation of the overall TGF-HSS project;

2) To develop and/or revise monthly, quarterly and annual work plans, budgets, POA, Performance Framework (PF), and reports to the PM and/or Team Leader for further submission to TGF;

3) To ensure the availability of regular data and information that are integrated and comprehensive, both at PR, SR’s and IUs level;

4) To prepare and consolidating analysis report forboth PR, SR’s and IUs level (including on narrative and/or table, quantitative and/or qualitative) for final comments of M&E progress report (including from findings from monitoring/supervision visit), that will be used for PUDR;

5) To prepare and compile all M&E reports (quarterly and semesterly) from PR and IUs, as part of the PUDR, Annual Report and other reports for Team Leader and PM review, prior to submit it to TGF;

6) To develop and/or expand the partnership with external parties in regards to the M&E planning and implementation, in order to improve/strengthen the achievement of program indicators;

7) To facilitate collaboration between the PR and partners and bilateral and multilateral agency consultants on technical assistance for implementation of M&E activities;

8) To coordinate the monitoring and evaluation activities of the overall TGF HSS project with the PIC and CCM (TWG), including to provide technical assistance for the IUs through quarterly site visits to all IUs, in particular whenever there is any indications of project management issues;

9) To assist the PR/AS/APR/PM and/or Team Leader in the provision of feedback with regards to the M&E plan implementation of IUs.

10) In close collaboration with all PICs of PR, SR, and TST IUs, to provide guidance and supervision to SR’s and IUs in the implementation of program activities as per stated in the approved performance framework indicators.

11) To work with the Finance Specialist and/or other divisions to follow up all findings obtained from GF Management Letter, GF Performance Rating Report, supervision/ field visits report to SR’s/IUs, and from the VOI report of LFA, and/or OSDV reports from TGF.

12) To protect against conflicts of interest by following the procedures articulated in this PIM, within the scope of his/her responsibilities.

1) Non Government Employee

2) He/she has a bachelor degree (S-1) in Health or management or other related field;
3) Have a minimum 5 years of experience working in planning, monitoring and evaluation of health project (project managed by government or GF project is preferably);
4) Have good understanding of monitoring and evaluation issues and The Global Fund projects;
5) Be fluent in written and spoken English;
6) Be fluent in written and spoken Bahasa Indonesia.
If you can meet the qualification and are interested in this position, please send your application letter and CV to: at the latest by November 3, 2017 with the job title in the subject line.

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